Hiring B2B Sales Superstars


This is a highly-interactive workshop that will also help you to decide on the optimal type of sales structure for your business.

Practical tips and techniques will be shared to use in telephonic and face-to-face interviews, such as rating each candidate objectively according to specific criteria and analysing CVs effectively. The workshop also includes what you need to do as an employer to successfully onboard your sales newbie in the shortest possible time.

The two popular e-books, Sales Onboarding 3.0 and The Sales Interview ToolKit, are also provided to all workshop attendees at no additional cost.

Who Should Attend
Business owners, sales directors, sales managers, HR decision-makers, personnel consultants and anyone involved in the sales recruitment process at your organisation. This session will provide excellent insights for those who don’t want to make the mistake of selecting the wrong salesperson (again) and senior sales jobseekers will find it invaluable in finding out just what companies are looking for in interviews and on their CVs.

About the facilitator
Suzanne Burgess
is a trusted advisor to many sales managers and their teams and has hosted over 4000 people at various SalesBytes seminars, breakfasts and training events in the past 20 years. She has also formally recruited hundreds of top sales people and sales managers over the years for a wide range of clients and founded the United Professional Sales Association of Southern Africa in 2005, chairing it for over 3 years. Her experience has given Suzanne a “big picture” perspective on the many challenges that organisations with B2B sales forces face today. Currently, Suzanne continues to consult to companies on sales strategies and assists with the implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, such as Maximizer for CRM vendors like Camsoft Solutions.

Suzanne’s elevator speech is:

“I assist SME business owners in solving their sales’ challenges by identifying the root causes and then implementing the right changes”

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08h30-09h00   – Registration

09h00–10h30   – Hiring B2B Sales Superstars

10h30-10h45   – Coffee Break

10h45-11h15    – Hiring B2B Sales Superstars

11h15-12h45    – Hiring B2B Sales Superstars


For further enquiries, please contact:

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