Exclusive webinar: Maximizer Software looks at why many SMEs are not jumping on the cloud CRM bandwagon

Johannesburg – Many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) remain unconvinced that cloud-based CRM is right for them and need to be assured over a number of major concerns before seriously considering making the leap to this type of solution. Many firms are reluctant despite the fact that cloud-based CRM has proven itself to be an extremely cost-effective solution – a significant advantage for SMEs in today’s economic climate. In an exclusive webinar on January 30, Maximizer Software dispels some of the myths around the issue and discusses the range of concerns that are preventing SMEs from moving their CRM systems to the cloud, as highlighted in a new survey of senior executives in key European and African markets.

Maximizer, a leading provider of simple, accessible and affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, will be offering critical and practical insight into the ways in which SMEs can benefit from cloud based CRM in the free webinar, entitled Cloud CRM: Dispelling the Myths, which includes a live online demonstration. The session will be hosted by Jon Wilkins, Managing Director of Avrion, a Maximizer Elite Certified Solutions provider. He will discuss the ways in which SMEs can overcome their concerns about cloud based CRM, in particular: unreliable service, slow performance and poor data security. The webinar will start at 10.30am (GMT) on January 30.

The key aspects of cloud based CRM discussed in the webinar will include how:

  • regular product updates can ensure data security
  • using robust data centres can provide reliability of service
  • using a CRM solution specifically designed for web access can ensure speed and performance
  • the potential cost savings can increase your return on investment
  • easy it is to migrate from one system to the other
  • and much more, demonstrated in a live online review…