Maximizer CRM 12 leads industry with LinkedIn integration

Johannesburg, 6 March 2012 – Local Maximizer business partner Camsoft Solutions recently announced the availability of Maximizer CRM 12 with LinkedIn integration and built-in mobile and Web access.

Maximizer CRM 12 enables businesses to provide richer customer engagement and capitalise on business opportunities anywhere, anytime and on any mobile platform – boosted by a new mobile user interface optimised for the latest mobile devices, combined with enhanced Web access performance, expanded customisation options and integration with LinkedIn.

Mike Richardson, Managing Director at Maximizer Software EMEA, commented: “Our LinkedIn integration and built-in mobile and Web products provide a whole new level of access and capability for businesses to attract and engage with customers. Users aren’t chained to their desks anymore. The expanded capabilities combined with the convenience and flexibility of all-access options, enable organisations to succeed wherever and however they do business.”

The latest version also includes expanded capabilities in business intelligence, measuring marketing ROI, while integration with SharePoint iCalendar integration delivers the most complete CRM solution to date.

Direct access to LinkedIn gives a new level of engagement
More and more businesses want to integrate social media networks into their business processes as part of their customer engagement and brand-building strategies. Maximizer leads the industry by integrating functionality with the popular LinkedIn social network into its CRM system. Users can now access a contact’s LinkedIn profile directly from the contact record. In addition, they can view the contact’s company information and connections and allow invites to be sent through Maximizer CRM without having to separately log in to LinkedIn each time.

“LinkedIn is an accepted, increasingly popular source of information about key executives and the organisations for which they work,” Richardson adds. “Maximizer CRM makes it so much easier for companies to adapt LinkedIn into their customer engagement process. Key information can now be used within our CRM system to track prospects and connect with opportunities while increasing customer loyalty through this increasingly popular channel of communication.”

CRM software that works with all major mobile platforms
“Mobile access has become critical for all companies looking to maximise productivity. Effective decisions can be made anywhere and anytime,” Richardson continues. “With the new user interface in Maximizer CRM 12, people can benefit from the power of Maximizer CRM on the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or any other smartphone or tablet computer.”

The latest version also provides improved calendar usability, multi-user views, e-mail notification, and a task screen with all the options a mobile workforce needs to do its job from an airport, vehicle, hotel lobby or conference.

The new mobile user interface also reduces the cost of managing different mobile applications on the different mobile devices used throughout an organisation.

Enhanced Web access for improved user interface and increased performance
The new two-pane window and increased performance make it much faster and easier to view, organise and retrieve key customer information. Even more time can be saved through the enhanced capability of retrieving contacts, customer cases and opportunities directly from a company record.

“Our customers need easy access to information to monitor the sales process, keep track of individuals, teams and territory, and carry out other key functions,” Richardson says. “Changing from one panel to two makes the user interface so much more intuitive. Also, now that customers are no longer tied to any particular Web browser, they have the added convenience of logging in from Firefox, Internet Explorer or other browsers without worrying about technical limitations.”

Additional upgrades: Document & iCalendar, marketing ROI and enhanced usability
The true value of CRM is in enabling businesses to improve sales and marketing management, customer service, business intelligence and other key activities. Maximizer Software has sold over one million licences to more than 120 000 customers by constantly enhancing those fundamentals.

Additional benefits of Maximizer CRM 12 include:

  • Ability to include hyperlinks to documents stored in external sources such as SharePoint;
  • iCalendar integration to enable Maximizer users to set-up and manage appointments and automatically record RSVPs with both internal colleagues and external customers;
  • Ability to measure the effectiveness and ROI of each marketing campaign to make informed decisions regarding future marketing initiatives and resource allocation;
  • Expanded key field customisation and display options enable users to easily view and navigate through a customisable layout of all of the key information required based on specific business needs.


“Maximizer CRM’s long-time users will find the improved mobile and Web access capabilities and LinkedIn integration gives them the options they’ve been asking for,” Richardson says, “while new CRM customers will benefit from the increased revenue-generating, process-streamlining and cost-saving opportunities that have already convinced 120 000 SMEs and enterprise-class companies to choose Maximizer Software.”