Camsoft releases Maximizer CRM 12 Entrepreneur Edition

Johannesburg, 31 May 2012 – Camsoft Solutions recently released Maximizer Software’s new Entrepreneur CRM 12 contact management software that is designed for small business owners and sales professionals looking for an easy-to-use solution that’s going to make it easier to close sales.

With Maximizer CRM 12 Entrepreneur Edition, users get even more contact management capabilities to manage a sales territory, keep track of individual customers, boost productivity and ultimately engage their clients to help make the sale happen.

According to Maximizer Software Managing Director Mike Richardson: “The Entrepreneur edition is made for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who need a powerful contact management solution that fits their business. It’s a complete contact management solution that combines business contact management, sales opportunity management, Outlook integration, scheduling, reporting, and document management. With these core capabilities in place, a small business has the tools they need to succeed and grow.”

The new Maximizer CRM Entrepreneur Edition helps improve customer satisfaction, maximise productivity and increases mobility with the ability to manage sales more easily by managing multiple sales territories with easier pipeline analysis and streamlined e-mail communications, while working active opportunities.

Time management can also be improved with prioritising follow-up tasks, colour-coding of the activity calendar and enhanced search options. Maximizer Entrepreneur 12 also includes social media capabilities to generate more leads with LinkedIn integration and the ability to attach social profiles to customer contacts.

“With all of these new features, Maximizer Entrepreneur Edition continues to provide great value for our CRM users,” commented Richardson, emphasising the product’s low maintenance, adaptable contact manager for rapid impact at an affordable cost. “We’ve always been there to help the small business owner streamline their sales process to improve opportunity tracking, communication and ultimately, closing deals,” he added, noting that Maximizer has been a pioneer in the CRM industry for more than 20 years.